The Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora Is The New Ultimate In High-Class Accommodations...

The newest addition to luxury hotels on Bora Bora is the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. Opening in September of 2008, it has already moved to a #1 rating of 19 hotels on, with glowing reviews abounding! Located on a motu off of the east side of Bora Bora, the Four Seasons Resort gives you the true exotic South Pacific experience.

Fours Seasons Resort Bora Bora

After arrival at the airport, the first-rate service begins immediately, as you are taxied to the resort in a lovely little wooden boat. (Don't worry-it's motorized!) The resort went to the friendly locals for service, by the way, not international. This adds even more to the authentic, exotic feel of your stay here.

For your overwater bungalow you have the choice of beach view, lagoon view, or mountain view and whether or not you want a private plunge pool attached. You can't have a "bad" view in Bora Bora, so it just depends on what you like to look at the most. With 100 overwater bungalows,the walk to the furthest of them might seem a little far, but what a stunning walk it is with Mt. Otemanu right in front of you! However, no worries- if need be there is a golf cart service that will take you right on out.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

The overwater bungalows at the Four Seasons Resort are BIG. They range from 1,080 sq. ft. (100 sq. m.) to 1,576 sq. ft. (147 sq. m.) and can accommodate a small family. The best part-children under age 18 share their parents' bungalow for free! In addition to the bedroom, there is a queen-sized sofabed and in some of the bungalows both the indoor and outdoor dining areas seat 4. A guest bathroom with a shower is located off of the living area in the Otemanu-view with plunge-pool style bungalows. Four large, glass panels in all of the main bathrooms, including one in the floor, let in the sun, moon, and lagoon. Another starring feature of these bathrooms is the bathtub. The sliding doors beside this large, deep tub open to the lagoon, giving you the fresh air feeling you are bathing outside. Bathing under a full moon-magical.

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

Another advantage for families at the Four Seasons Resort are the amenities available for children. Almost anything you can think of to ask for, they have it in child-size, such as little fuzzy bathrobes and slippers, mini-outrigger canoes, beach toys, baby supplies-to name just a few! The friendly concierge can help you with all of your family's needs. The resort also has special programs for young kids and teenagers. If your little ones are ages 5-12, the Kids For All Seasons program is just for them. Besides their own indoor/outdoor club, this program includes fantastic activities to keep kids busy and happy all day. Their very own welcoming packet will include the schedule for this.

Palm tree in the South Pacific

Chill Island is just for your teenager. Their very own private beach, ice cream parlour, fruit juice bar, indoor game room and much more! Your older child's welcome packet will give them a schedule of activities for the week organized and operated by the resort's recreation team. Water sport races,treasure hunts, beach volleyball tournaments, and cooking lessons are just a few examples.

tropical flower

If your family or group of friends is large, consider the 2-bedroom beachfront villas on the property. All are located on a beautiful white beach, with pools and enclosed gardens. For the ultimate in indulgence, try the one-of-a-kind 3-bedroom Otemanu luxury villa. It has over 5,000 sq. ft. (500 sq. m.) of living space and over 2,000 sq. ft. (200 sq. m.) of surrounding outdoor decks, shaded lanais and tropical foliage.

As you would expect, the food at the Four Seasons Resort is some of the finest on the island. As you would also expect - fine food is not without expense. However, see my free coconuts and cheap pineapples page for tips to help with food costs in French Polynesia. Another good idea is to bring your own alcohol. Adding your own kick to the fruit juice you order or making your own martinis on the deck of your bungalow will save you a lot. (It is also nice to control the potency-yes?) If you don't have room to bring some from home or the duty-free store, make a trip across the lagoon and buy wine and alcohol in Vaitape to bring back with you. It will still be less expensive.

For dining at the resort you have the choice of 2 restaurants, 2 bars and in-bungalow dining.

  • Arii Moana is a dinner-only indoor and outdoor restaurant specializing in delightful seafood dishes and fine wines. Located on the lagoon with beautiful views all the way to Mt. Otemanu, it is your destination for a romantic dinner without the kids! Arii Moana is not open every evening, however, so be sure to inquire about its availablility.
  • Tere Nui is adjacent to the beach and is an all-day, open-air restaurant that starts with an amazing breakfast buffet. You will find local specialties here with a French influence, but Tere Nui also has Continental dishes.
  • The Fare Hoa Beach Bar is next to the main pool and has light lunch items and snacks. After your great breakfast, you probably won't need much for lunch!
  • The Sunset Bar is aptly named, for it is the perfect place to watch day fade into night over the lagoon.
  • For some of your stay, you will want to try the in-bungalow dining service. You can have your breakfast delivered by outrigger canoe as you wake, or have a quiet, private dinner on your terrace as the sun goes down..... In-bungalow service is available 24 hours a day, so no matter what your schedule is, you will be taken care of.
  • If you want to venture to the mainland for dinner, the resort has a shuttle service for you. The motorized wooden boat ride is about 25 minutes.

    Like a lot of the large resorts on Bora Bora, the Four Seasons Resort offers spa services on-site. However, I want to mention a few things that make the Four Seasons spa experience very special.

    Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

    Located on the Pacific ocean side of the motu, the sound of the ocean waves breaking along the beach add even more of a peaceful feeling to your visit here.

    The ambiance of the spa itself is a haven of rich hardwoods inspired by the kahaia tree. Linger along walkways suspended over the lagoon and tropical foliage, breathing in the natural scents of sandalwood and frangipani.

    The spa offers many options for massages and therapies, including Aromatherapy, Swedish or Polynesian massages, with special treatments specifically popular with men, like the Ofai stone massage. Their treatments and oils use the natural ingredients of French Polynesia, such as monoi, tamanu, kahaia and vanilla.

    The star feature at the Four Seasons Resort spa is the Kaihaia Spa Suite, designed specifically for the ultimate, luxurious couples' experience. The main treatment room features two beds sitting over glass windows open to views of the lagoon below. Outside, there is a private terrace where couples can enjoy an hour of relaxation, including a prepared coconut bath, before their treatments begin.

    Spa rituals with names like Kahaia Haven,Taurumi Mind and Body, and Earth and Sky are on the treatment menu won't want to miss a visit to this crown jewel of the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora.

    Just a few other items to note about the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora:

    The water off of the bungalows is fairly deep, without any coral gardens or many fish. This is nice for dips in the lagoon without snorkeling. However, you should make sure to plan trips to other parts of the island for amazing snorkeling experiences. Even if you are not a massage-liking person or don't plan to exercise while on your visit to the resort, make sure to walk over to the spa. After seeing it, you will want to go beyond it to explore the ocean side of the motu.

    A perk of this resort is the use of free laundry facilities. That may not seem important, but if you are island-hopping like a lot of people do, some clean clothes for the next island or for the trip home will be very nice!

    There is a lovely chapel located on the resort grounds, and an on-site wedding expert who can attend to all of your needs. Flowers, your wedding cake, your menu-everything can be set up for you through the resort. They can also recommend vendors for your photographs and entertainment.

    You may be packing light and are counting on the boutique at the resort. As of soon after the Four Seasons opened, there were no practical items to be found there-items such as flip-flops, t-shirts, magazines, beach shoes, etc. The staff were open to comments from their first visitors, so this may have changed. However, you probably want to check with the hotel directly before you make your trip. Of course, just another reason to take the little shuttle to Vaitape!

    Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

    Use the concierge-they can help you with anything and everything.....interested in Tahitian black pearls? Your concierge can give you wonderful tips on whereto go to get the best deals. Want to eat on the mainland where the locals would go? Where is the best snorkeling? The concierge is your most valuable resource. Don't forget to reward them well if they made your day one of perfection!

    Most of all, know that the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora is top-class, with a stellar reputation. While still very new, it is on its way to being one of top resorts in the world.

    Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora

    Beach in the South Pacific

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