A Much Needed Honeymoon To Bora Bora Island

Constant bickering, irritation, and impatience between a husband and wife can lead to serious marriage problems. Me and my husband had been going through a rough patch in our marriage, where each of us would get annoyed by anything the other did. It felt like the crazy love we had for so many years had just evaporated. Coming from strongly devoted Catholic families, divorces and separations were not an option for either of us.

We began taking couple counseling, where we were suggested to take another honeymoon trip to a romantic destination. This seemed like a good idea as we had gone to Las Vegas for our honeymoon and had gambled all our trip’s money within two days. Our travelling agency suggested we visit one of the islands: Hawaii, Bermuda, Caribbean Islands, Bahamas – there were just countless places to select from! We found a brochure for Tahitian Islands, and decided to make our second honeymoon destination Bora Bora Island, the crown jewel of the region.

After arriving on the island, me and my husband were filled with awe and admiration as we headed out to our over the water bungalow. But it was the gleaming waters and cozy, romantic bungalows atop the white sand beaches that made me understand why this island was one of the most romantic places in the world. I felt like I was in heaven. No matter what age or country you came from, Bora Bora was made for couples in love.

Traveling to this stunningly beautiful paradise was a wonderful decision for us. We had plenty of things to do and places to dine at on the island. In addition, we were given our alone time in romantic spots by our tour guide. Our much needed vacation and second honeymoon gave us an opportunity of seeing through each other and finding out where our differences were. We got time to talk as we were far away from our chaotic work life and truly devoted to one another for the first time in years. Sometimes, the cure to a breaking relationship is some private time for the couple, and Bora Bra gave us just that.

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May 09, 2012
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